Monday, April 13, 2009

When I taught fourth grade in a ps there was a big push that year for kids to focus on "reading for information". This always seemed strange to me because even when reading for pleasure information is absorbed. But, in the interest of complying with state standards, lessons were taught on this subject. Worksheets were made to ask questions were asked both from the main text and the captions and graphs in an article/story. Even the kids who like to read did not enjoy these types of reading assignments because they detracted from the pure joy of reading. And, once again, my unschooling experience has shown me what a silly concept this is.

Jace got a new Lego kit for Easter, a friction propelled car that he was very excited about. He got out his Lego catalog and looked to see if they had more of these types of kits and how much he would have to save to buy some. As he was looking through this catalog he informed me that Lego's have been around since at least 1977. I asked him how he knew that, to which he replied, "They have vintage Lego kits in here and the oldest one is from 1977; I bet they had Legos before that but maybe that was the first kit."

Here I thought he was just looking at a toy catalog and it turns out he was reading for information, lol. :D

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