Sunday, April 19, 2009

We had a pretty busy day today. I headed off to church, followed by the grocery store, alone; Robbie didn't want to go so the kids opted to stay home with him. I got home in time for lunch then back to town to see the Hannah Montana movie as promised... Kya's friend met us there and then came home to play after. When we took her home I chatted with her mom for a while so it was late by the time we got home. Aside from a little computer time not much went on today that most would consider "educational" (although there are always snippets of conversation that amaze me). Then as I was thinking there wouldn't be much to record for the day Jace was going to bed and he turned back and picked up a book that has been laying around for a few months. He's ready to read it now. Kya came in after I'd tucked her in to show me the picture she'd been drawing. After we looked at it together she then spotted her journal and decided to write before going to sleep. What a blessing that they do these things on their own. :)

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