Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today is the kind of day that led me to start the blog. Kya slept until nearly 11 am, Jace has been watching tv and videos on youtube and not much else has been going on today. I am still in my pajamas in fact. It seems indulgent and semi-neglectful to have a day like this on a Tuesday. But then I look back at my log book and what I have posted here and I know that a morning of bumming around is okay. Lots of people probably did that on Saturday when my kids were doing other things.

I guess the Monday through Friday, 8 to 4 mindset is just really hard to shake. My mantra for today (and all the days like this) is going to be "Learning and relaxing are both at their best when they happen naturally, not according to a clock or calendar."

ETA: More evidence I should just RELAX... after posting this the kids spent some time at Grandpa's and then headed home. Once they were home they were so busy! Kya made a five minute movie with her Barbies that she wrote herself, Jace continued to make complex Lego creations, and they both spent some time online playing games on their favorite sites tht just happen to be traditionally educational. The big shocker came when Kya showed me how to change her user picture on the desktop in a much simpler way than I'd been doing it. She just figured it out all on her own. :)

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