Monday, April 6, 2009

Today was all about email! Yesterday I showed Jace how to copy and paste a link into an email and send it to me because he was constantly wanting to show me YouTube videos. I was constantly running into the computer to see the latest Lego video he liked and wasn't getting anything accomplished around the house, lol. The copy and paste method has been great; he knows I'm interested in what is important to him because we discuss the things he sends me but I'm not driven to distraction by having to stop what I'm working on all the time, the best of both worlds.

I told Jace that I could also send him links to things I thought he might find interesting so I sent him a couple of things I've had languising in my favorites for a while. Then I thought Kya would probably really like getting email from me as well. We set up an account for her a while back that she never used and we had long forgotten her username much less the password. No problem, in less than ten minutes I had figured it out and she was logged in. I showed her how to send me things as well but she didn't really seem interested. She did like the idea of me sending her things.

This has been a great, no pressure way for me to share things that I think they'll enjoy without expectation that they must do something with it. They both liked the solar oven idea and we are going to build one very soon. The mentos and diet coke was intriguing but I don't really think its going to pan out. Kya informed me that she'd already been to one of the sites I sent her. So, some were great successes, others fell short but all were valuable learning tools. :)

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