Monday, April 6, 2009

We got new car insurance yesterday. This probably seems like an odd thing to post on a blog about unschooling but in reality it is the most natural thing to post. In an unschooling family everything is a learning opportunity. We discussed with the kids how we shopped around, compared rates based on our current plan, raised deductibles and dropped frivolous things from the plan. We discussed how much the new plan saved us each month and Jace mentally calculated what that savings would be each year (he broke it down by multiplying by ten, then by two, and adding those products). Well, an annual savings of over $400 had everyone thinking about what they would do with that money and exactly what would be the smartest financial decision but would also allow for some fun. I think its important to point out that didn't plan in advance that we would have this discussion or that it would be a math "lesson." It just flowed naturally because I talk to my kids about what I'm doing all the time; we are interested in each other's lives and it opens up the entire world to learning.

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