Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kya finally felt comfortable skating on the main floor of the skating rink today! She was so excited and proud of herself, so was I. She really has to move at her own pace with these things and was feeling nervous and scared about it before. I worried that she was missing out by staying on the carpeted areas, after all we were there to visit with her friends and they were out on the rink! I have offered to walk out there in my socks with her (I am NOT getting on skates, lol) but she wanted to do this on her own. Today she did! What a victory. :)

Jace chose not to go to playgroup today, he stayed with Grandpa and had his own fun. His Lego creations are astounding! He is so innovative with the limited number of moving parts (mostly hinges) in his collection. In the past he made some very cool transformers with them and today he made a soda machine that actually releases a cylindrical Lego piece when a piece is moved. I found a Lego website where he can upload pictures of his creations and will link it as soon as we get them up.

Part of today's success was because Jace was able to stay home when he felt he needed to and Kya was able to stay at playgroup as long as she needed to since Jace wasn't there, ready to go early. Grandpa will be going back to work soon and Jace will have to come with us. Playgroup isn't really an option because it would be fair for Kya (and me!!!) to miss out on seeing her friends and if Grandpa is working there is nowhere else for him to go. We have discussed this and reached a compromise. I agreed to let him bring his Nintendo DS, BUT if the car is in sight of our play area then he has to stay in the car with it, if not then we will find a suitable place where he will be safe but can have his space. We had success with this last week, and he eventually got out of the car and played for a bit. So, even though I don't like the idea of him sitting alone in the car with video games it seemed like the best compromise.

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