Monday, June 1, 2009

Snapshot Sunday- Obsessions

Okay, I'm a day late getting the pictures up but I did take them yesterday! If you want to participate in Snapshot Sunday click on the title to take you to "The Napping House" for the rules and links to some other blogs that participate. :)

This is our first snapshot Sunday post and I found myself just walking around the house aimlessly taking pictures and I had lots to share~ so, I decided to have a theme to help me narrow it down. This week I'm focusing on our current obsessions, enjoy!

Lego's has become a shared obsession as Jace has pulled Kya into it since he has aquired so many block people. This is an arena that they have used for various things including: a basketball game, circus, and a concert.

Barbie's don't need to wait for December~ Kya's have been celebrating Christmas for a while now.

The outside of the clubhouse has been finished for a while but this weekend was all about finishing the interior. It now has insulation, walls, carpeting, a light and an outlet. The kids are ecstatic and planning lots of sleepovers.

Jace is golf crazy! I may need to find a driving range soon to keep my yard from becoming one giant divot.

Technically the swings are part of the clubhouse but they enjoy them so much that I thought they deserved their own picture in the obsession themed post. I love watching them and listening to them while they are on the swings. Even cooking supper isn't so bad with the windows open and the sound of them talking and laughing drifting in.


Mary Alice said...

Love the theme. I'd be obsessed with a fantastic tree house, too. What fun they're going to have in it.

Divots would be the least of my worries with a golfing boy. I'd be worried about the errant ball to the head or window.

What a fun summer this will be.

Hope said...

Practice balls- plastic, kind of like a mini wiffle ball- keep our heads and windows safe. :-)