Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why we unschool

Today I realized THE reason I choose to be an unschooler. There are many advantages to unschooling, many of which I've already discussed on this blog, but those advantages are not what pulls me back day after day, even in times of doubt. So, what does?

I believe that the most important thing my children will learn in their entire lives is who they are and unschooling is the best way I've found to allow them to learn that. Everything else they need to know in life will flow from that sense of self and anything that doesn't come from that place of authenticity isn't worth knowing, IMHO.


Mary Alice said...

What gives your words added weight is that you trained to be a classroom teacher and in fact did teach for years. You know how children learn and you know your children.

Hope said...

Thanks Mary Alice. Sadly, most of what I learned in the classroom had very little to do with how children learn. We are trained to manage classrooms instead of trained in how learning actually takes place. :( Interestingly the fact that I wanted to know how children learn and had to teach myself was one of the things that made me realize that real learning is usually self motivated.
I think knowing my kids and observing their growth is the real key. If I ever witnessed their learning stalling we'd change tactics. The reason I trust the process and am letting go is because I've been so vigilant and my observations keep reinforcing what my instincts are telling me. :)