Sunday, September 27, 2009

We are very thrifty in our house. We live well but try not to spend money when we don't need to. This means we love the library, or at least we used to. Now when we go to the library the kids seem disinterested and often don't read the books after bringing them home. Today their uncle bought them brand new hard cover books from Barnes and Noble and they can't get enough them- Jace has actually already finished his! I think new books may be a worthwhile budget item once in a while if they generate this much excitement. :)

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Kim said...

We often go to Chapters to look at and read books. For some reason, when we go to the library, we find the same thing, the interest is just not there, they play in the kid's section with the toys while I look around for books. But go to Chapters and we could spend HOURS there looking at and reading TONS! We also have a great second hand shop with a decent book selection, the boys love looking through and picking some new reading material, I try to keep out spending to a minimum, but at $0.65 a book, how can you resist!! lol